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It’s Not Because I’m Lazy

You’re in a beautiful plein air painting location, you whip out your camera and take photograph after photograph – it’s essential to have lots of references for landscape painting, you know. Then you dig out your sketchbook, pencils, and paints and set about covering page after page of your sketchbook. The relentless pursuit of information.…


A Models Pose: It Needs to Come Naturally

Artist Quang Ho seeks out a natural, effortless pose with his portrait painting models. Photos by Manuel Rodriguez. I’m a lounger by nature. Why stand when I can sit? Why sit when I can curl up on the nearest comfy couch? This has made my posture the bane of my grandmother’s existence, but it has…

Monet's paintnig of Giverny

Playing Studio Detective with a Monet Painting

If there were any artist, past or present, into whose studio I could magically transport myself and observe him paint, it would be Claude Monet. I have always been intrigued by his painting style, especially his highly textured and complex surfaces. When I lived in New York, I spent many an hour at the Metropolitan…


Got Five Minutes? Got a Drawing.

This five-minute drawing of a turpentine pot could benefit from a larger range of values. All work from students of Sigmund Abeles. You know how life can sometimes speed by and at other times crawl along at a snail’s pace? Well, drawing is that way too. There are pencil drawing techniques that are incredibly labor…


Finding the Tools to Create More

 “Tell the superhero inside you to come out and play.” Wacom’s Create More online outreach program features a group of artists from different disciplines and geographical locations to celebrate creativity in all of its forms. Ben Von Wong, a photographer and visual engineer hailing from Montreal, Canada, was a natural choice to be one of…


Reflections on Creating an Artistic Body of Work

Inkhead, 2009, oil on canvas, 29 x 16. Dorothy, 2010, oil on canvas, 14 x 14. Anakin Padawan, 2009, oil on canvas, 44 x 28. I have blogged previously about preparing for my exhibit, “Myths and Individuals.” I worked on the paintings, and planned this show for almost three years, so needless to say, I…


I Will Astonish Paris with an Apple

Still Life with Apples by Paul Cezanne, 1879. That’s a bold statement—even from Paul Cézanne—but the artist was true to his word. He set out to reinvigorate painting and he did just that. The French artist became the conduit between the Impressionist past and the Modernist future that was fully ushered in by the likes…

Self-Portrait by Ben Fenske, 2010.

Pose for Yourself

In one of her blogs on Artist Daily, Marion Boddy-Evans observed that it is a good idea for portraiture artists who are trying to achieve a sense of naturalness in their work to pose for themselves. When I read this, I felt like I had been poleaxed…not that I really know what that means. But…


Drawing the Strength of Bones and Folds of Flesh

Pastel drawing by Lea Colie Wight. At Studio Incamminati, it is not unusual for instructors or fellows who are not teaching a particular class to come in to draw or paint beside the students. This happened recently when Lea Colie Wight joined in a figure drawing class taught by Steven Early. (Lea is an incredible…

Fortitude by Amy Cutler, 2009
Gouache on paper
23 ⅛ x 15 inches

It Is Never a Matter of Bad Ideas

I don’t think the failure or success of a drawing has to do with the drawing ideas that the artist starts with. He or she could choose pretty much anything and make a go of it, don’t you think? It also doesn’t depend on whether the artist chooses to create easy drawings or ones that…


Drawing a Nose for 20 Weeks…Really?!

Drawing of a nose by Darren Kingsley with graphite pencil. The fall session at Studio Incamminati has begun, and I am taking classes with Darren Kingsley. One is in charcoal, and the other in graphite pencil. Last year as a new student, I was introduced to doing charcoal drawings in, for example, 60 seconds, five…