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C3686 , Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519), Italian School. Nude Woman. Study for the Mona Lisa. Pencil on brown paper, 0.72 x 0.54 m. Chantilly, musee Conde. , C3686 , Vinci Leonard De ( 1452 - 1519 ) Ec. Ital. , Etude de nue pour la Joconde ( papier brun ; pierre noire 0;72 X 0;54 ) , Chantilly . Musee Conde

Is It Really a Naked Mona Lisa?

Did Leonardo da Vinci Sketch an Unclothed Mona? Leonardo da Vinci is having an art world revival with the 500th anniversary of his death coming in 2019. There’s a Leonardo di Caprio bio pic on the horizon and a recent new biography hitting the stands. Now Parisian curators and conservators have come down on the side…