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Painting for beginners

Scared to Start Painting?

Painting for Beginners Starts with 3 Simple Things Experienced artists don’t remember what it was like when they were just starting out. Painting for beginners can be intimidating! There are a few key tools and so many options. It is easy to be overwhelmed, but I’m here to tell you that you won’t feel timid…

Cardrew I by Beverly McIver.

How Do You Make Art When You Feel Blocked?

Fight Feeling Blah with This Painting Tool I hit a wall trying to write today. I wanted to write about the importance of expressing strong feelings in your work, but I couldn’t figure out how to tie it all together. It was frustrating, but I knew I could get through it because I’d experienced it…

Female Posterior by Benjamin Shamback, 2005, charcoal, 30 x 20.

Best Paper for Charcoal Drawing

Artists have drawn on virtually every kind of paper every produced. All types of drawing paper have their own unique characteristics. Some papers, like Bristol board, are more difficult to erase from. Others, like newsprint, are not archival. How a draftsman chooses a paper most often reflects what the drawing is meant to be or…

Composition VII, 1913 by Wassily Kandinsky

Your Painting (and Mine!) Fails Because of THIS

Avoid This Beginner Painting Mistake Since the mid-1800s, numerous artists (and beginner painting students) have stressed color over other elements in painting, mistaking color choice as the root of all success or failure in painting. They cite the Impressionists as examples, but Monet, for instance, explored how to paint light and its effects on the…

Fine art transformed the French army with the power of camouflage.

Les Camoufleurs

The Fine Art of War Artists became integral to the military effort of France during World War 1. Changing forms of warfare and modern firearms, made the traditional colorful uniforms of the French army impractical. Nearly all the soldiers still wore the famous red trousers advertising their presence to enemy soldiers. In 1915, the French…

The Three Graces by Patricia Hannaway, charcoal and chalk drawing.

If You Don’t Get Loose

Sketching As a Starting Point It’s tricky when an activity involves technique but is actually done best when you just get loose and let things happen naturally and effortlessly. Dancing is that way, and learning how to draw and sketching are, in part, that way too. There are a lot of things that you can…

Painting by Marc Dalessio.

What Do Painters Really Do?

Mixing Color Like a Master Do you know how frustrating it is to love something, but not necessarily know everything about it? That’s sometimes the way I feel about mixing color. I have such a visual lust for color–learning new colors, discovering new color combinations, figuring out how various light sources effect hue, and how…

Beginning at the Water's Edge by Jovan Karlo Villalba.

Tissues, Sand Paper, and Razor Blades

Attack Your Canvas with More Paint Texture I sometimes put so much emphasis on what I’m painting—thinking about what makes a strong composition and how to lead a viewer through a work—that sometimes I forget or forego the opportunity to explore a purely sensory relationship with the surface and paint texture. Try closing your eyes…


Want to Loosen Up? Go Winter Plein Air Paint!

On a sunny winter day it’s so hard sometimes to overcome the temptation to go outdoors with a sketchbook! Snow and sun make a special light and colors you never see in any other season. So why not to go out for a winter plein air painting session? Well, there are at least two main…

Cheers to the human form, figure painting, and
how it continues to inspire. Water
Serpents II by Gustav Klimt, 1904.

Cheers to Conquering My Fear

A Toast to Quiet Moments, Figure Painting & More   As I am faced with being a little over a month into this “new” year, I wanted to take the opportunity to belatedly craft a toast to 2016 and acknowledge all the great art that has been created in the past and has yet to…

Stag at Sharkey's by George Bellows, 1909. Bellows was an avid fan of boxing and painted the sport throughout his career. Incidentally, he also almost became a career sportsman in his own right, playing baseball, though he decided against such a pursuit in order to devote himself to his art.

Super Bowl Sunday Pre-Game Art Show

Sports, Illustrated in a Painting Blog? Super Bowl Sunday approaches and of course my mind doesn’t go immediately to who I am going to root for (Atlanta by default because my team was eliminated even before the playoffs) or what to make for the tailgating party I am going to (nachos of course!), but to…