• Watercolor Update

    Attention Watercolor Subscribers,

    F&W Media, publisher of The Artist's Magazine, Watercolor Artist, Pastel Journal, and Southwest Art, recently purchased Watercolor magazine. For every issue you have remaining in your Watercolor subscription, you'll now receive an issue of Watercolor Artist, the world's leading publication for artists working in watermedia. If you subscribe to both magazines, the numbers of issues remaining on your Watercolor subscription will be added to your subscription to Watercolor Artist.

    We are thrilled to welcome Watercolor subscribers to F+W. In every issue of Watercolor Artist, you'll find instruction, ideas and inspiration: intensive features filled with beautiful art and step-by-step demonstrations to help you expand your horizons and improve your water-based painting process--plus columns covering art and business, art history, and advanced and nuanced painting techniques. And for more watercolor painting lessons, please download the free eBook, Watercolor Lessons on Depth and Luminosity: 10 Watercolor Painting Techniques.

    Watercolor Artist has been the world's most respected magazine for artists engaged in the creation of water media artwork since 1984, and we look forward to continuing its legacy of providing you with the information you need to nurture your creativity, your productivity and your success.

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  • Watercolor, Summer 2012

    In this issue, we reveal the finalists in our self-portrait cover competition and look at the atmospheric landscapes of 
David Dewey.

  • Winter 2012

    In this issue we start the new year with the delicate but bold paintings of Law Wai Hin, whose landscapes, still lifes, and floral paintings combine Eastern and Western sensibilities to create a personal vision.

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  • Winter 2011

    5 Step-by-Step Demonstrations Show You How to Capture The Movement of Water, Create Vibrant, Dense Washes, and Collaborate with Other Artists; Create a Figure in 30 Seconds

  • Fall 2011

    This issue marks the 25th Anniversary of Watercolor. To celebrate, we present 25 tips, 25 painting locations, and 25 tools that today's top watermedia painters say they can't do without.

    We also take a look at the innovations of early practitioners and trace the masterful use of watercolor throughout history.

    Our list of 25 workshops, classes, and locations presents upcoming opportunities to help improve your painting skills at venues across the country. We hope that the diverse collection of artists, tips, and profiles in this issue keeps you painting for years to come—after all, many have helped paved the way so that we could do so. Happy anniversary!

  • Summer 2011

    As any artist can attest, versatility is the key to a long and illustrious career. The ability to work with a variety of media, subject matter, and techniques helps keep skills up-to-date, the mind engaged, and one's creativity consistently challenged. With that in mind, we've decided to use this issue to explore the myriad options for those painting with acrylics. As we celebrate our 25 years in print, the editors of Watercolor have realized that we, too, must constantly challenge our limits and perceptions. Although acrylic painting didn't become widespread until the 1950s, it has rapidly emerged as a credible medium for artists of all styles and techniques.

    After all, if we don't constantly push our limits as artists, how will we discover how capable we actually are?


  • Spring 2011

    Turn Mistakes into Masterpieces; create the element of surprise with acrylics; get creative with Sunlight and Shadow; use value studies To Save Time; go inside Workshops With the Pros 

  • Watercolor, Fall 2010 - 25th Anniversary Issue

    On the Cover: Seaside Stroll (detail) by Alan Wylie, 1993, watercolor, 15 x 21. Private collection. FEATURES Artist to Artist: Dale Meyers Cooper With a career spanning nearly 50 years and work in the permanent collections of such institutions as the...
  • Best of Watercolor, 2010

    On the Cover: Barrens in October (detail) by Paul Rickert, 2002, watercolor, 11 x 14. Collection the artist. Artists In This Issue Anne Abgott Jane Paul Angelhart Sue Archer Bo Bartlett Dan Brown Peggy Brown Carl Dalio Sondra Freckelton Laurin McCracken...
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  • Watercolor, Summer 2010

    On the Cover: Sunflowers and Coffee (detail, reversed) by Teri Starkweather, 1999, watercolor, 40 x 30. Private collection. Mixing Careful Planning With Spontaneity FEATURES Winners of the 2010 Cover Competition Hundreds of artists submitted their artwork...
  • Watercolor, Spring 2010

    On the Cover: Let Me Out (detail) by Catherine P. O’Neill, 2008, watercolor, 18 x 22. Collection the artist. Stephen Scott Young: A Modern Master Explores New Subjects & Techniques Thinking More, Painting Less DEPARTMENTS Editor's Note Contributors...
  • Watercolor, Winter 2010

    On the Cover: Breakfast Club (detail) by Gordon France, 2004, watercolor, 20 x 28. Private collection. Artist to Artist: Dean Mitchell Modern Masters: Jan Kunz DEPARTMENTS Editor's Note Contributors Noteworthy FEATURES Weekend With the Masters Review...
  • Watercolor, Summer 2009

    The Table of Contents for the Summer 2009 issue of Watercolor magazine.