Watercolor, Summer 2012

In this issue, we reveal the finalists in our self-portrait cover competition and look at the atmospheric landscapes of 
David Dewey.



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28    In an Austere Light
by Michael Gormley
David Dewey’s newest watercolor paintings
cast a cool and modern eye on the tradition
of coastal landscape painting.

38  Curious Beauty: The Art of Jessica Tcherepnine
by Jennifer Spears Brown
In her botanical watercolors, Jessica Tcherepnine 
masterfully blurs the seemingly impervious line between art and scientific illustration.

44  Portraits of Water
by Naomi Ekperigin
Wisconsin artist Amy E. Arntson paints water with water, and she finds it fascinating, beautiful, and versatile, both as her medium and her subject.   

50  Woodward Payne: Depicting the Arrangements of Nature
by Tara Storozynsky
For this California artist, nature doesn’t just provide inspiration—
it serves as a model for how to enjoy art and life.  

60  Winners of Watercolor’s Self-Portrait Cover Competition
The winners of our recent 
competition are varied in their 
approach but alike in their ability to capture themselves in piercing and engaging self-portraits.

66  Irena Roman: Letting 
the Sun Shine In
by Naomi Ekperigin
For this artist, instructor, and illustrator, the movement of light across forms offers a constant challenge and the foundation for meaningful still lifes.

74  Just Once, With Feeling
by Naomi Ekperigin
Christopher Wynn emphasizes
the importance of using the entire value range and boldly applying paint to create exciting and attention-grabbing views.  

86  Where Science and 
Imagination Collide
by Austin R. Williams
Washington artist Justin Gibbens uses the conventions of zoological
illustration to depict imagined creatures, resulting in a unique combination of the scientific and the fantastic.

96  Coming In…

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