Watercolor, Spring 2012

In this issue, we look at a few artists who are doing new and exciting things with mixed watermedia, including the 44th Annual American Watercolor Society Gold Medal winner, Jeannie McGuire.



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22    Planning for Fun
by Naomi Ekperigin
After years of working as a doctor, Washington-state artist Kathy Collins’ decision to pursue her passion for painting was a bit of a risk. Luckily, she discovered that her attention to detail and penchant for planning served her just as well in her new career.

32    Work in a Series & Push Your Limits
by Lauren Kirchner

Less than five years into his watercolor-painting career, Geoffrey McCormack has stood out from the crowd with his carefully composed, imaginative still lifes that express his love of the beach.

40    Moments in the City, Big and Small
by Austin R. Williams
David Antonides’ large cityscapes convey a weight and drama not always associated with watercolor and reflect his interests in community, technology, and the interconnectedness of nature and the city.

48    Inspired Impressions
by Naomi Ekperigin
For Jann Pollard, image-editing software doesn’t stifle her creativity—it gives her more opportunities to experiment without fear of making mistakes.

58     Going With Your Gut
by Naomi Ekperigin
After years of creating tightly rendered figures and portraits, Pittsburgh artist Jeannie McGuire challenged herself to become more expressive. The results have been unexpected, exciting, and award winning.  

68    Jim Seitz: Going for The Gold
by Linda S. Price
Gold leaf under thin washes of acrylic gives this self-taught artist’s landscapes an eye-catching radiance.   
78    Have the Best of Both Worlds
by Halle Kiefer
This former graphic designer uses unconventional materials and techniques while espousing careful planning, strong composition, and close attention to values.
88    The Unpredictable Power of Yupo
by James Duncan
It can take a lifetime to master this capricious surface, but for Molly Brose, painting on Yupo was love at first swipe.

96   Coming In...

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