Winter 2012

In this issue we start the new year with the delicate but bold paintings of Law Wai Hin, whose landscapes, still lifes, and floral paintings combine Eastern and Western sensibilities to create a personal vision.



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26    Finding Inspiration a Mile From Home
by Naomi Ekperigin
In a recent exhibition, Paul Rickert takes a reductionist, yet no less personal, view of his ancestral home. The resulting landscapes are technically impressive and deeply moving portrayals of rural America. 

34    Around the World in Watercolor, 1860–1920
by John A. Parks
A new exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, takes viewers on an intercontinental adventure through the work of some of the lesser-known artists of the late-19th and early-20th centuries.

44   Painting Off the Beaten Path
by Naomi Ekperigin
A love of travel has taken Michael Killelea all over the world. A passion for watercolor has ensured that he’ll never forget it.

52   Peggy Williams: Paintings in Memoriam
by Halle Kiefer
In her latest series of paintings, Peggy Williams has challenged herself to work large-scale in an attempt to capture the sentiment and strength of manmade sculptures.

58   Tim Saternow: Setting the Stage in Watercolor
by Naomi Ekperigin
For this film, television, and theater set and lighting designer, watercolor has always been the best way to tell a story.  

70   Grace Swanson: Enjoying the Journey
by Naomi Ekperigin
Still lifes allow this California artist to explore formal concepts, sharpen her technical skills, and create a distinct style that captivates viewers.  
78   Loose Precision
by Austin R. Williams
Law Wai Hin combines distinct brushstrokes and geometrical designs to create ecstatic, idiosyncratic interpretations of the world.
84   Morphing Memories With Gouache
by Andrew Beckerman
New York artist Nat Meade uses gouache and watercolor to explore his own past and trigger universal emotions. 

92   Emily Falco: An Artist on the Rise
by Naomi Ekperigin
In our special issue celebrating 
Watercolor’s  25th anniversary, we 
featured 25 artists who are exploring the limitless possibilities of watermedia. One of these painters is Emily Falco, a recent graduate of The Cooper Union School of Art, in New York City. Here we offer a more in-depth look at this gifted young artist.

96   Coming In...

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Carole Free wrote
on 30 Nov 2013 6:10 PM

I bought a copy of the new Watercolor Artist and would like you to know that I found the quality of the new publication to be much lower than the previous American Artist Watercolor....fewer pages, more ads, less information.  This surprises me because your publication Cloth Paper Scissors which I recently subscribed to I found to be excellent...just for your information....I thought you would like to know my reaction as you put forth this Watercolor magazine.   Carole Free