Watercolor, Fall 2009

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On the Cover:
Artichokes (detail, reversed)
by Patricia Tobacco Forrester, 2008,
watercolor, 60 x 20. Collection the artist.

Drybrush, Drawing, and Watercolor

Watercolor Fundamentals: 
Painting Flowers Composed
of Small Petals


Editor's Note



Artist to Artist: Janet Fish
This artist explores the possibilities of color, form, and texture in her exuberant, light-filled still lifes.

Drybrush, Drawing, and Watercolor
by Lynne Bahr
Although best known for his pastels, Mario Robinson is exploring watercolor, combining washes with drybrushed lines to expand his artistic repertoire.

Watercolor Fundamentals: Painting Flowers Composed of Small Petals
by Janet Walsh
A large grouping of these flowers is a challenge to paint. Learn how to discern the different shapes within the flowers and still create a unified composition.

Patricia Tobacco Forrester: Doing It Her Way
by Stephen May
Painting en plein air, this artist seeks to capture the dynamism, power, and colors of the ever-changing natural world.

Think Big, Paint Big (Available Online)
by John A. Parks
Antonio Masi employs both the atmospheric and graphic capabilities of watercolor in his commanding paintings of New York icons.

Modern Masters: Pat San Soucie
by Lynne Bahr
After more than 35 years of teaching, this artist believes process is everything, and there’s always more to learn.

Striving for the Unique
by Stephen May
The watercolors of early Postimpressionist Maurice Prendergast are instantly recognizable for their swirling colors and forms.

Working From Photos: The Landscape
by Lori Woodward Simons
Supplementing reference photos with on-site sketches and notes can make a noticeable difference back in the studio.

Painting Moment by Moment
by John A. Parks
Kay Russell believes watercolor is a flexible medium, one that works well with gouache and other media to capture the spirit of a place.


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