Watercolor, Summer 2009

The Table of Contents for the Summer 2009 issue of Watercolor magazine.


On the Cover:
The Perch (detail, reversed)
by Reenie Kennedy, 2008, acrylic on
gallery-wrapped canvas, 30 x 15.
Collection the artist.

Artist to Artist: Timothy J. Clark

Tips for Painting Successful
Backgrounds in Watercolor


Editor's Note



Artist to Artist: Timothy J. Clark
Dedicating himself to his art, this artist has explored many genres and approaches to find his own style.

Building Confidence Through Experimentation
by Lynne Bahr
Jean Pederson decided the key to her artistic growth was to push her work in new directions by painting both traditionally and experimentally.

Cover Competition Finalists
The finalists in this year’s Cover Competition impressed us with their efforts to advance the watercolor medium. These artists look around them and paint what they see in a meaningful way, using a variety of approaches that suit their artistic sensibilities and subject matter. We hope that you enjoy learning about these artists and their work, and we offer our sincere gratitude to all who entered the competition.

Watercolor Fundamentals: Painting Roses and Delphiniums (Available Online)
by Janet Walsh
In the Watercolor Fundamentals article in the last issue, I explained how to set up and paint a basic floral still life. This time I will demonstrate a more involved arrangement of roses and delphiniums.

Paintings With a Plan
by Austin R. Williams
Sue Archer’s dynamic, light-filled paintings begin and end with careful planning.

Combining Wet and Dry Media
by Lynne Bahr
Steven Graber combines watercolor and acrylic with an array of drawing media to create paintings that are both atmospheric and textural.

Tips for Painting Successful Backgrounds in Watercolor
by Mary Whyte
How can something as seemingly unimportant as a background have such a strong impact on the final image? Why are backgrounds sometimes difficult to paint? If you have ever found yourself uncertain about the color and handling of a background, here are several tips that may help.

Learning by Playing
by Linda S. Price
Nancy Barch has found her artistic path through experimentation, and she’s enjoyed every step of the way.

Minimal Means, Maximum Impact (Available Online) 
by John A. Parks
Using subtle washes and minimal detail, Keiko Tanabe creates a powerful sense of time and place.


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on 13 Jun 2012 12:00 AM

In the Summer 2009 issue of Watercolor , we showcased work by Nancy Barch, a watercolorist who found her artistic path through experimentation. Here we present additional work by the artist that we were unable to fit into the magazine.