Watercolor: Step by Step: Wet-in-Wet Watercolor Pencil Technique

0705kutcdemocomp_405x324_2View a demonstration of Kristy Ann Kutch's Farmers’ Market Peonies to take a closer look at her watercolor pencil technique.

View a demonstration of Kristy Ann Kutch's Farmers’ Market Peonies to get a closer look at her wet-in-wet pencil technique. This demonstration is from Drawing and Painting With Colored Pencils: Basic Techniques for Mastering Traditional and Watersoluble Colored Pencils (Watson-Guptill, New York, New York).

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Step 1: Prepare a line drawing of a peony blossom using either a light blue, lavender, or HB pencil on hot-pressed watercolor paper. Step 2: Save the central light-colored stamen area of the peony with masking fluid, and allow it to dry. Step 3: Stroke on dry layers of these watercolor pencils, beginning with the lightest values and ending with the darkest: light magenta, pink madder lake, light purple pink, and mauve. Step 4: Dissolve these layers by stroking from the lightest to the darkest areas with a damp, size 6 round brush. Wet only one petal at a time. The top petal in this illustration has been wetted and the pigment dissolved into a wash.
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Step 5: Touch a wet, size 2 rigger brush directly to the lead of a violet or pink carmine watercolor pencil so the entire brush is saturated with pigment. Lightly dab the brush’s tip with a tissue. Touch this brush directly to the wet petal area, and drag it through the length of the petal in one continuous stroke. Only brush in one direction. The wetter the petal, the more the color will spread and flow. Repeat this process for each petal, but be sure to wait until adjacent petals are dry to keep each petal distinct. Step 6: When the entire blossom is dry, peel away the making fluid, and apply strokes of cadmium yellow and cadmium orange to the stamens. Wet them with either the fine tip of a Colorless Blender Marker or a wet #2 round brush. If desired, enhance the colors with either traditional or watercolor pencils in the appropriate color. Use a Tuscan red Verithin pencil on the stamens and along the petal edges to refine these details. THE COMPLETED DRAWING: Farmers’ Market Peonies
2002, watercolor pencil on hot-pressed watercolor paper, 15 x 20.

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