Watercolor: Judy Morris "Chinatown: San Francisco"

American Artist looking at watercolorsMorris Chinatown: San Francisco watercolorJames Toogood comments on Judy Morris' watercolor painting Chinatown: San Francisco.

by James Toogood

Morris Chinatown: San Francisco watercolor
Chinatown: San Francisco
by Judy Morris, watercolor, 34 x 28.

This is a delightful piece, not overly serious but beautifully executed. It's a fairly simple palette; the colors seem to be cadmium red, perylene maroon, permanent alizarin, dioxazine violet, ultramarine blue, phthalocyanine green, and quinacridone gold. I don't think she would need anything else. Overall, the piece is painted very cleanly, and there's a certain economy to the way the artist applied the paint.

This watercolor is at once naturalistic and also fairly graphic. The red lanterns, the kites, the lights, and the buildings all lead the eye down the street, but even before you do that, you look up at the curtain along the top of the composition. It's a very interesting red shape that stops the eye for a second. Then you notice the pattern of bamboo and perhaps floral elements in the sky. The area becomes flattened by these graphic patterns–the watercolor at once presents a two-dimensional and three-dimensional feeling. Morris always seems to enjoy finding an interesting way of looking at things, and here's she's actually put bamboo in the sky.

Note the way she has indicated a gentle breeze–the kites are starting to move a little bit. The movement of the wind on that fish kite in particular points directly at a secondary vertical, the lamp, which can lead you either back down the street or up to the curtain. Morris invites the viewer to circle around the composition several times, and each time you do, you notice different things.

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New Jersey resident James Toogood AWS/NWS studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, in Philadelphia. The subject of more than 40 solo exhibitions, he has participated in numerous group shows, including those of the American Watercolor Society and the National Academy of Design, winning many awards. He frequently juries exhibitions and was an awards juror for the 2006 American Watercolor Society annual. Toogood is the author of Incredible Light and Texture in Watercolor, (North Light Books, West Chester, Ohio) and he has written many articles and contributed to several other books. His work is widely collected throughout the United States and abroad, and he is represented by Rosenfeld Gallery, in Philadelphia. The artist teaches at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the National Academy School of Fine Arts, in New York City, and the Perkins Center for the Arts, in Moorestown, New Jersey. Toogood also conducts watercolor workshops throughout the United States.

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2 thoughts on “Watercolor: Judy Morris "Chinatown: San Francisco"

  1. I really enjoy looking at Judy’s painting as everytime I look at it I notice something different. I would love to see this in real life or on a larger scale to see what else she has hidden in her painting!