Watercolor: GALLERY: Stephanie Anderson's Watercolor Still Lifes

In the winter 2008 issue of Watercolor, we discussed how Stephanie Anderson’s paintings were as fresh-looking as the subject matter, thanks to her fast, decisive technique and skilled handling of paints, brush, and paper. Here, we showcase more of her watercolor still lifes in the this online exclusive gallery.




Clementines With
Blue Bowl

2007, watercolor,
10 x 12½.
Private collection.
Roses and Hydrangeas
2006-2007, watercolor,
36 x 42. Collection the artist.
Purple Cabbage
With Beets

2007, watercolor,
17½ x 24. Courtesy
Gallery on the Green,
Pawling, New York.


Beets in Blue Bowl
2007, watercolor,
9 x 12. Courtesy
Gallery on the Green,
Pawling, New York.

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