Watercolor: GALLERY: Gordon A. Phillipson's Airplanes

0702philoe11_540x600_1In the February 2007 issue of American Artist, we explored how Gordon A. Phillipson developed a solid watercolor technique. Here, we offer an online exclusive look at his paintings of World War I and World War II airplanes.

Gordon Phillipson often composes his watercolors to present the iconic characteristics of his subject matter. For instance, his portrayal of the United States Air Force’s P-40 Warhawk, from World War II, is cropped severely, rendering the wing nearly abstract and placing the painted face on the fuselage at bottom center, dominating the composition. "It's true they are instruments of war," says Phillipson of the aircrafts. "However, I look back to the early days of World War II and to World War I, when there was more chivalry in the air. It’s not like today where often there is madness and individual cruelty. Yes, I know the result is the same: you kill someone or many people with bombs or bullets. Perhaps in my mind, however, I am replacing that fact with more romantic ones.”




2004, watercolor, 22 x 30. Private collection.
Avenger II
2004, watercolor, 40 x 20. All artwork this gallery collection the artist unless otherwise indicated.
Avenger III
2004, watercolor,  30 x 22.




Avenger IV
2005, watercolor, 22 x 30.
2004, watercolor, 22 x 30. Private collection.
Erjecito de Cuba I
2004, watercolor, 22 x 30.




Erjecito de Cuba II
2004, watercolor, 22 x 30.
Red and Black I
2004, watercolor, 3o x 22.
Red and Black II
2005, watercolor, 22 x 30.




Flying Fortress
2005, watecolor, 22 x 30.
Blue Bipe
2005, watercolor, 30 x 22. Private collection,
P40 Warhawk
2005, watercolor, 27 x 26.

To read the feature article on this artist, check out the February 2007 issue of American Artist.

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One thought on “Watercolor: GALLERY: Gordon A. Phillipson's Airplanes

  1. I can’t believe that the artist was quoted correctly. He knows too much about what he is painting to make a statement like the one in the paragraph with the pictures. I too am a watercolorists, also a signature member of the NWS and also an aviation watercolorist but also a former fighter pilot. Chivalry is a picture painted by people that haven’t been there. Firing guns and dropping bombs is the unfortunate task that sometimes happens when flying military planes but that is what the job is. There is no romance in the job.