Watercolor: 10 Things You Can Do to Encourage Creativity

In the winter 2007 issue of Watercolor magazine, two well-known watermedia artists and popular workshop instructors explained how they help students jump-start the creative process and express their unique visions. One of the instructors, Mary Todd Beam, offers advice to inspire creativity in this excerpt from the article.      

by Beth Patterson

Beam offers the following tips for enhancing your creativity:

  1. Make the decision to be creative in whatever you are doing.
  2. Work on an experimental level. Don’t limit yourself to only one thing or one way of doing something.
  3. Experiment with new materials and new ideas.
  4. Leave room for new things to happen. Once it’s started, let the painting lead the way.
  5. Be more fluid in your work. Try to get your own energy into it.
  6. Exaggerate something.
  7. Use strong color to express emotion.
  8. Keep making it personal. Value your intuition and go with it more often.
  9. You have to take risks—even risk failure.
  10. Just relax, let go, and do it!

To read this feature article, check out the winter 2007 issue of Watercolor today!

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