DEMONSTRATION: Shanna Kunz's "Meditation"

View a demonstration of how Shanna Kunz uses an elegant combination of traditional tonalism and contemporary design in Meditation (2:53).

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13 thoughts on “DEMONSTRATION: Shanna Kunz's "Meditation"

  1. Everymonth I try to activate the video and it doesnt seem to work.Give me the secret.I would like to learn.
    Thank you
    Subscriber 30 years

  2. I once received help in the form of a recommendation to upgrade my player, but after the one viewing, it no longer worked for your other videos. If you are going to have these wonderful videos it would be great if you would also post a general statement of requirements for viewing. I can’t get in. Thanks for any help you can provide.
    Catherine Martinez

  3. Why is the title on the home page “Looking at Drawings: Study for Mirror (I Against I) by Dan Thompson” but when I click on the link I come here?

    I wanted to see Dan’s article.
    Nice demo, bad link.
    S. Matteson

  4. I wonder if the kind of internet connection is impacting being able to see the videos. I have high speed cable and always watch them without problem. Keep them comming. Thanks

  5. As a self-taught artist, I am learning so much from these videos. How generous the featured artists are to share their time and talent with others. I look forward to each and every one.