Lori Simon's "Bass Harbor Marsh"

7 May 2008

Simons Bass Harbor Marsh plein air watercolorWatch a plein air watercolor demonstration by spring 2008 Watercolor featured artist Lori Woodward Simons


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bob appleman wrote
on 28 Apr 2008 3:42 PM
Some of the audio at the first part of this tape was lost. It would be helpful to occasionally see the mxtures of color rather than just hear them described. Nice composition!
Lisa Andrews wrote
on 30 Apr 2008 9:15 PM
Audio was fine on my feed. As an oil painter, I could still appreciate the description of technique, and found the steps easy to follow. For a three minute tape, it was full of good information. Lovely painting, great composition, and wonderful evocation of atmosphere in the final product. Good job!