May I Introduce Scott Waddell?

1 May 2011

The Den by Scott Waddell, oil painting, 20 x 16.
The Den by Scott Waddell, oil painting, 20 x 16.
Scott Waddell: Weekend With the Masters Instructor

Scott Waddell was born and raised in Central Florida. He received his B.F.A. from Florida State University. After college, Waddell spent the next several years studying classical painting at The Florence Academy of Art and the Water Street Atelier under Jacob Collins.

In 2006 Scott moved with his wife to Connecticut, where they continue to reside with their son and many pets. Waddell divides his time between painting portraits, fine-art narratives, and teaching at The Grand Central Academy of Art.

He also teaches workshops at various art institutions throughout the country. His interest in color and its application has always been driven by the concepts he uses to interpret and model form. He believes it is the understanding of what's physically happening in the environment around us that keeps us out of the wilderness of bizarre coloration. It also let's us follow a logic that is relational and not necessarily dependent on the optical. Waddell finds this very liberating artistically.

As far as the colors on his palette, Waddell tries to have highly chromatic representatives of each part of the color wheel so that he can maximize his mixing range. On an average day, he has Titanium White, Yellow Ochre (as my low chromatic yellow), Cadmium Yellow (as my high chromatic yellow), Cadmium Orange (high chroma), Cad Red (high chroma), Alizarin Crimson, a couple flesh tones (tubed or pre-mixed) as short cuts (bear in mind, these are clearly recognized as low chroma, particular values of a given hue--not blindly as a flesh tone to be used necessarily in the painting of flesh), Burnt Umber, Raw Umber and Ivory Black. Were Waddell to paint something that had a local blue, green or violet hue, he would undoubtedly have a high chroma representative of that particular hue on his palette. For more information about Waddell's fine art painting and practice, visit his website.

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