May I Introduce Ron Hicks?

30 Apr 2011

The Love on the Road by Ron Hicks, oil painting.
The Love on the Road by Ron Hicks, oil painting.
Ron Hicks: Weekend With the Masters Instructor

Ron Hicks grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and was introduced to art at an early age under the influence of his artist mother. Continuing to pursue drawing through grade school and high school, Hicks later attended the Columbus College of Art and Design on scholarship. After graduating, the artist moved to Colorado, where he graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art and then began to study at the Arts Students League of Denver. During this time Hicks trained with Rene Bruhin and Quang Ho, whom he credits with changing the way he perceived the oil painting process. Hicks' first professional job as an artist was working as a freelance illustrator, which he balanced with working as a manager for a satellite-dish company. With the encouragement from a gallery dealer who admired his work, Hicks eventually decided to pursue painting full time, and is now represented by Arcadia Fine Arts, in New York City; Gallery 1261, in Denver; Saks Gallery, in Denver; Vail Fine Art Gallery, in Vail, Colorado; Jenkins Johnson Gallery, in San Francisco; and Meyer East Gallery, in Santa Fe. Hicks is also has his own DVD instructional video on oil painting techniques, Artist Daily Workshop: Mastering Oil Portrait Painting with Ron Hicks.

Ron Hicks' works have been characterized as a blend of representational art and impressionism. Some critics have compared them to paintings by Rembrandt and Daumier. The 41-year old artist translates his own moody visions with a muted palette and rarely uses pure color. He particularly favors the variety he finds in gray. "Gray allows me to capture atmosphere, mood, and layers of emotion," he says. "Gray sets the tone for the rest of the painting."

Shelves in the artist's studio are lined with art books about Nicolai Fechin, James Whistler, and William Merritt Chase. There are also volumes featuring Hicks' main muses--John Singer Sargent, Edgar Degas, and Diego Velazquez. As an artist, his philosophy involves guiding the viewer though a painting, much like his artistic idols, by striking a balance between revealing too little and not enough detail. "It's a very delicate balance," Hicks says.

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