May I Introduce Joseph Paquet?

30 Apr 2011

Morning Light Crystal Cove, by Joe Paquet, oil painting on linen.
Morning Light Crystal Cove, by Joe Paquet, oil painting on linen.
Joseph Paquet: Weekend With the Masters Instructor

Joseph Paquet received his Bachelors of Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts, in New York City, and had the good fortune of being mentored by John Foote, who opened his eyes to the joys of drawing the human figure.

After graduating, Paquet met another major influence in his life, John Phillip Osborne, who was a uniquely gifted artist and teacher. Osborne believed that a landscape painting should begin on location, but that its poetic essence should be completed in the solitude of the artist's studio. Paquet experienced a demanding and rewarding apprenticeship, in which he learned to fuse field studies with the image he could see in his mind's eye. To summarize this experience, he explains, "The intellectual process became married to the intuitive. Paint what you know well as what you see." He goes on to expand the possibilities, "If I have the need or desire to move a mountain, add a figure or change the course of a river, I can do so. I am no longer shackled to nature. Now, I am painting my picture."

Increasingly however, Paquet is creating most of his work from life, believing that the direct correspondence with nature increases the potential for greater feeling. He has been featured in The Washington Post Sunday Magazine, The Artist's Magazine, American Artist, Southwest Art, and Plein Air Magazine.

Paquet's awards include both Artist's Choice and Collector's Choice from The 2007 Laguna Beach Plein Air Invitational as well as the 2008 Alden Bryan Memorial Prize from The Salmagundi Club, First Place in Landscape from the Richeson 75: Artist's Choice Competition and The Edgar Payne Award for Best Landscape at the 97th Annual Gold Medal Show at the California Art Club. Paquet is a Signature Member of The Plein-Air Painters of America, The Salmagundi Club, and an Out-of-State Artist Member of The California Art Club. Paquet teaches and paints at Hurinenko and Paquet Studio in St. Paul, Minnesota. For more information on Paquet, visit his website.

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