May I Introduce George Gallo?

30 Apr 2011

Connecticut Yankee Spring by George Gallo, 20 x 24, oil painting.
Connecticut Yankee Spring by George Gallo, 20 x 24, oil painting.
George Gallo: Weekend With the Masters Instructor

Award-winning writer, director, and painter George Gallo is capturing the hearts of both the general public and artist-audiences everywhere with his film Local Color. In this semi-autobiographical story, Gallo shares the journey of an 18-year-old artist who is frustrated by modernist art education and is desperately trying to learn how to paint in a traditional, representational manner. He seeks out an elderly living master to be apprenticed to for a summer, and what ensues is a mentorship and friendship that allows both characters to see the beauty of life and art through each other's eyes.

After moving to Los Angles to pursue his screenwriting and directing career, Gallo shied away from painting for nearly eight years. He picked up the brushes again after the success of his screenplay, "Midnight Run." He painted several canvases and called John Evans in New York, who was the manager of Grand Central Art Galleries. He was pleased with Gallo's progress and gave him a one-man show. One of the paintings he entered into the "Arts for the Parks" contest received the Top 100 Award.

As an artist, Gallo has had solo exhibitions at Grand Central Art Galleries, in New York City, and has been a finalist in the annual Arts for the Parks competition. He created all 400 paintings shown in Local Color, and he is represented by galleries in New York City, Philadelphia, and California. Gallo believes art-making is created not in the universe of science, but the universe of the soul. He believes in the quiet hours you will get as close to God as you can here on earth and with a little luck and a lot of patience, come as close to happiness as you're ever likely to know. He maintains a website on plein air painting titled "Plein Talk With George Gallo," and he is an artist-member of the California Art Club. For more information on Gallo and his art, visit his website.

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