May I Introduce Dan McCaw?

30 Apr 2011

Seated Figure by Dan McCaw, 24 x 18, oil painting.
Seated Figure by Dan McCaw, 24 x 18, oil painting.
Dan McCaw: Weekend With the Masters Instructor

Dan McCaw was born in 1942 and raised in Montana and during his academic art career attended the Montana Institute of Technology, in Butte Montana; Academy of Art University, in San Francisco; Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, California; and the Bongart School of Art, in Santa Monica, California.

A solid foundation of design, color and value distinguishes McCaw's expressive paintings and provides a starting point for an exciting exploration of new ways to look at familiar objects.

He was an instructor at the Art Center College of Design for 17 years and received an honorary doctorate from The Academy of Art University. Throughout his career, he has had more than 50 solo exhibitions and been the subject of numerous articles in national and international magazines including Art and Antiques Magazine, American Art Collector, Southwest Art magazine, and International Artist.

McCaw is at the forefront of bridging representational art with contemporary sensibilities and believes in encouraging artists to find a unique voice and vision. "I believe that everyone has an inherent desire for original thought, and an artist I find a passion to visually express something within myself that cannot be defined but have faith that it exists," he says. "I am constantly measuring the strength of my own convictions, trying not to change my art to fit what galleries, critics, and society deem acceptable, for when an artist chains himself to the opinions of others he or she will loose the most important thing that he has to contribute: his own voice and individuality."

A skilled and discerning interpreter of color harmonies, light and mood, the core of McCaw's work is based on expressing feeling and emotions with the fewest elements, that less is more. Nearly three decades after embarking on his artistic journey, Dan McCaw continues his quest for maximum expression, pushing his art into exciting new territory. Dan McCaw and his wife Stacey live in Los Angeles, Ca. For more information on McCaw, visit his website.

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