Meet the Instructors of Our Weekend With the Masters Events

29 Apr 2011

The American Artist Weekend With the Masters events and art workshops are an opportunity to learn how to paint at the hands of some of the most inspiring, skilled oil painting artists, watercolorists, and draftsmen working today. Their artistic abilities are, however, only matched by their incredible abilities as instructors. To a one, this is a group of artists who have the ability to shape your artistic skill set for the better. So mingle and meet them by clicking on each artist's name! Enjoy,

Peter Adams

Carolyn Anderson

Juliette Aristides

Steven Assael

Ken Auster

Ken Backhaus

Clayton Beck

Scott Burdick

Marcia Burtt

Scott Christensen

Timothy J. Clark

Jacob Collins
Stephen Early

Rose Frantzen

Robin Frey

George Gallo

Daniel Gerhartz

Daniel Graves

Daniel E. Greene


Nancy Guzik

Albert Handell

Ron Hicks

Quang Ho

Jacqueline Kamin

David Jon Kassan

Michael Klein

David Leffel

Rob Liberace

Jeremy Lipking

Susan Lyon

Kevin MacPherson

Dan McCaw

Jennifer McChristian

Sherrie McGraw

Joseph McGurl

Edward Minoff

Alyssa Monks

C.W. Mundy

Odd Nerdrum

Joseph Paquet

Daniel Pinkham

Camille Przewodek

Stephen Quiller 

Ray Roberts

Jean-Pierre Roy

Anthony Ryder

John Salminen

Richard Schmid 

Frank Serrano

Nelson Shanks

Daniel Sprick

Dan Thompson

Scott Waddell

Jeffrey Watts

Morgan Weistling

Skip Whitcomb

Mary Whyte

Lea Colie Wight

Stephen Scott Young


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