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The SourceTek cover art competition opened March 1.
The SourceTek cover art
competition opened March 1.

It's always an exciting prospect to have your work seen by artists whom you respect and admire. SourceTek, maker of canvas panels, plein air panels and more, certainly agrees. For fourteen years the company has been publishing a product catalog that features the work of their endorsing artists-some of the most popular and well-received artists in the country including Matt Smith, Bill Anton, Len Chmiel, among others. 

In previous years, choosing the artwork that would grace the cover of the SourceTek catalog has been a matter of selecting an artist with national merit and recognition in the art world, but this year the company has decide to give up and coming artists the opportunity to see their own work on the catalog cover. The winning artwork will be selected by many of the same artists who have been featured on the SourceTek cover in prior years.

SourceTek is currently accepting submissions for this showcase opportunity, and the art competition ends May 31, 2012. If you have questions or want more information, visit their art competition website. Good luck!




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