10 Incredible Works of Art from Summer 2017 Shared on Instagram

‘Summer loving had me a blast. Summer loving happened so fast…’

I don’t know about you, but the end of August feels like the end of summer to me — even though fall doesn’t officially take off until Sept. 22. Don’t get me wrong, I love all things fall, from pumpkin spiced lattes to rocking some flannels and leggings. But, I want to hold on to that summer feeling just a bit longer.

In case you are singing the end of summer blues, too, here are some of the best of the best “summer feeling” art I stumbled upon via Instagram. Enjoy!

Day Dreaming

The bright colors used in this poppy-filled painting are speaking to my love of being outdoors in summer. I want to find this patch of poppies, lay down in it with a book and waste away a warm summer day.

Whale Watching

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I could just wail right now over how stinkin’ cute these little baby watercolor whales are! This is also a great example of how simple paintings can still have a huge impact on the viewer.

Riding the Wave

I wouldn’t mind finding this path and jumping right into these splendid waves right now. I can almost smell the ocean water and feel the breeze leaving tangles through my hair now!

Losing Track of Time

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I want this artwork on my wall right now. The simple subject, bursts of color and bold marks just work so well together. It reminds me of taking a spontaneous summer day trip in hopes of discovering a new place and losing track of time.

Beach Bumming It

Because it just wouldn’t be a summer roundup if there wasn’t at least one (or a few) beach scene in the mix! This reminds me of taking a summer family vacation to the beach … at the same time everyone else decided to take a family vacation, too. Crowded as it got, it was always a good time!

Chillin’ at the Cook Out

We’ve all done it … packed our paper plates at a cookout so full with yummy treats we get a little confused as to what exactly we are eating. And, if you say you haven’t you either have a very strong willpower, or you might be telling a little fib. Anyway, this awesome abstract hamburger art reminds me of exactly that, and I am loving every single bit of it!

Getting Lost at Sea … But Happy About it

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OK, I know there have been a few seascapes so far in this roundup, but I just can’t get enough of them! And the vibrancy of this incredible oil painting just has to be celebrated! I want to jump into that boat and let the water slowly pull me away from shore. What’s more, @mgart7 titled this beauty “Summer.” Just perfect.

I Do Scream for Ice Cream

Ice cream just has to be included in the best of the best of summer, and this remarkable still life looks so good I can almost taste its cold sweetness.

Casting Shade

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With the blazing sun during hot summer days, sunglasses are a must. And these shades are not just a necessity for eye protection but for earning some serious style points, too!

Taking a Trip to Paradise

I feel like this illustration is a perfect mix of all things paradise. And I really want to be enjoying whatever is in that coconut cup right now — with a flamingo by my side, of course.

More Summer Art Shoutouts

I just couldn’t stop at 10. So here are five more incredible works of summer-loving art:

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What’s your favorite art that reminds you of summer? Tell us in the comments!

And, be sure to tag @artistsnetwork on Instagram with your art, summer-inspired or not, for a chance to be featured in an upcoming roundup.

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