Something Undeniably Gorgeous

Learning how to draw figures can be a daunting task (and one I struggle with constantly), but there's something undeniably gorgeous about the human form that keeps pulling us back. The way light and shadow play over the curves of muscle, features, and hair, along with the instinctual desire to capture the moment in time, continues to drive us toward rendering it as well as we can.

And that's where Sarah Parks can help. In her latest art video, she demonstrates how to draw two realistic figures, step-by-step, starting with the key to success: blocking in the figure with light lines and abstract shapes. Sarah shows how achieving accurate proportions right from the start will guide your hand to success with each step. Learning these drawing techniques will take so much of the frustration away, and capturing the beauty of a figure, whether seated or standing, will become a constant source of pleasure.

Want a glimpse of what you'll find? Preview Drawing Secrets Revealed: Figures Step By Step here now for lessons on measuring and blocking in a figure with accurate proportions, as well as drawing tips for refining–how to add white highlights to give volume and life to your figure drawings. Then, head over to for the full-length video, or find it at



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