Pastel Landscape Painting Essentials

With so much endless variety in the landscape, it’s no wonder that landscape artists are always trying to paint it. Changes happen gradually enough to capture it on canvas or paper, but quickly enough that you can paint the same scene over and over again, and never have it look exactly the same. Seasons change, flowers bloom and wither, trees grow, and wildlife wander in and out.

A wintry pastel landscape painting from Johannes Vloothuis.
A wintry pastel landscape painting from Johannes Vloothuis.

It makes sense, then, that artists like Johannes Vloothuis often do their landscape painting in pastels, which lend themselves to an Impressionistic feel that is perfect for rendering landscape art, including flowers and trees, clouds, water, and stone. Pastels are quick, allowing you to change colors as quickly as the light moves; portable; and so easy to use, especially if you’re just venturing out for the first time. 

In Pastel Landscape Painting Essentials, Johannes tackles the main elements you’ll find in the landscape, painting five different scenes in pastel quickly, showing how to render a waterfall, a snowy creek in the forest, flowers on a mission building, a fall landscape, and a sunset. Incorporating different types of pastels, from hard to soft and even pan pastels, into his lessons, he shows that painting a landscape doesn’t have to be arduous; instead, it’s a fun, relaxing way to capture beautiful scenes quickly, and if you're itching to paint with a brush, you'll discover a couple of painting tips that let you use your pastels almost like paints. 

Preview Pastel Landscape Painting Essentials with Johannes Vloothuis to pick up some tips you can incorporate into your landscape paintings immediately, and get the full-length video, materials, reviews and more, at Then, find a great photo reference, head out for some plain air painting, or just paint from your imagination, for landscapes that are filled with color!


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