Painting on Panels

Focusing on traditional painting methods and their contemporary application including encaustic used in the Fayum region of ancient Egypt, egg tempera from early Renaissance Siena and oil painting from Renaissance Venice is a way to connect your studio painting practice to the historic continuum of art.

Painting studio at Castello di Spannocchia.
Painting studio at
Castello di Spannocchia.

This summer one of my favorite people, Margaret Krug (author of An Artist's Handbook: Materials and Techniques) will be leading an art workshop on painting on panels in Italy for two weeks in August. During the workshop, you'll prepare small wood panels with traditional gesso ground, produce paint by combining dry pigments with beeswax, egg, milk glue or oil, and strive for technical proficiency by copying techniques employed in a master painting, while gaining an understanding of color, composition and construction of a pictorial space, and through creating original work from observed reality using the same methods.

And that's just the workshop! There will be day trips, with art history lectures and sketchbook exercises, to museums and other sites in Siena, Florence and surrounding towns enable students to examine the cultural and historic context of methods and concepts presented in the course. Critiques and thematic assignments are utilized to encourage students to really harness and articulate their personal visions.

Il Sodoma fresco detail at Monte Oliveto Maggiori
Il Sodoma fresco detail at Monte Oliveto Maggiori

Enrollment is limited to 6 students. Prior art instruction is required. For an application please contact Margaret Krug at Registration and tuition are due by July 10, 2012. The workshop is August 10 – August 24, 2012.

During the Painting on Panels Workshop, participants reside in the villa of Spannocchia, about twelve miles southwest of Siena, Italy. The villa is built into a massive castle that dates back to the early Middle Ages. The villa is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities, including a library, studios, laboratory, museum, and swimming pool.





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