Only 1 Week Left to Deadline

There's really nothing quite like a deadline to get us in gear, am I right? I mean, when art is your passion but real life is your reality, sometimes it is hard to find ways to integrate studio time into our lives on a consistent basis.

But that struggle is completely worth the effort! The work that we (well, mostly you!) create is incredibly inspirational and certainly fuels my love of contemporary painting and drawing each and every day. And when you reflect back or look around at your recently finished pieces, you'll realize that you have produced much more art than you give yourself credit for!

Well, now is the time to shine a light on that effort and I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage you to not simply let dust sit on the work that you have completed. There are avenues to present your artwork that can bring you the credit and attention all your hard work and results deserve.

Right now, there's a week until the World of Art Showcase submission deadline. The show's opening reception is on October 31 in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the heart of the city's thriving art scene, and is open through November 3. Buyers, collectors, and art aficionados from all over the world will be in and out of the exhibition doors. It is a unique opportunity for exhibiting artists to gain worldwide exposure, sell work, and connect and network with members of the art world and their audience.

So seriously consider taking this opportunity! Your artwork deserves to be seen and I know I would be thrilled on your behalf if you take the next steps in submitting your work! It's what we should all be doing sooner rather than later!

To find out more about WOAS RALEIGH 2013 and how to become an exhibiting artist, email

If you are ready to apply (yay!), you can simply download and submit your application at the World of Art Showcase website.

Remember, June 1st is the last day to submit your application!

Good luck!



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