May I Introduce Stephen Quiller?

February Shadows, Rio Grande by Stephen Quiller, acrylic painting, 17 x 19 1/2.

February Shadows, Rio Grande by Stephen Quiller,
acrylic painting, 17 x 19 1/2.

Stephen Quiller: Weekend With the Masters Instructor

Stephen Quiller is an internationally known painter who works primarily in water media, monotypes, and intaglio printmaking. He is best known for his innovative approach to water media painting: watercolor, gouche, acrylic, casein and their combinations, and for his use of color. He has written six books, Water Media Painting with Stephen Quiller; Water Media Techniques; Water Media: Processes and Possibilities; Color Choices; Acrylic Painting Techniques; Painter's Guide to Color.

His research and development of a color wheel for painters called the “Quiller Wheel” is now used by thousands of painters throughout the world. In addition, he has developed twelve instructional video tapes produced by Crystal Productions, as well as two tapes produced by the Richeson Company in 2004.

He is a member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, Rocky Mountain National Watermedia, National Society for Painters in Acrylic & Casein, and Watercolor West and is an American Watercolor Society Dolphin Fellow. The artist has been awarded the Hal P. Moore Award, the Louise Kaep Award, the Winsor & Newton Award, Didi Deglin Award, and the Walter Greathouse Medal with the American Watercolor Society, the Philadelphia Watercolor Society, and the National Watercolor Society, among others. He has done 12 educational painting videos and DVDs with Crystal productions and Jack Richeson & Co.

Quiller has been painting full time since 1972 and lives in Creede, Colorado, where he also runs The Quiller Gallery. He has painted in many parts of the world, but is primarily known for his work done at or near his home in the high mountainous country of southern Colorado.  These subjects include beaver ponds, snow shadows, water patterns, wild iris, and mountain rhythms, capturing the spirit of the San Juans.

His work can be seen at the Mission Gallery, in Taos, New Mexico, and he does a few select workshops annually in the United State and abroad. For more information on Quiller, visit his website.

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