May I Introduce Camille Przewodek?

Vineyard Melody by Camille Przewodek, 16 x 20, oil on canvas.

Camille Przewodek: Weekend With the Masters Instructor

Camille Przewodek is a plein air colorist based in Petaluma, California, who received her B.F.A. in illustration from the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco, and a B.F.A. in painting from Wayne State University, in Detroit. She studied with Henry Hensche—the assistant to the famed American Impressionist Charles Hawthorne—at the Cape School of Art, in Provincetown, Massachusetts, for many years and credits him with opening her eyes to a new way of seeing and painting color and light.

Today, Przewodek carries on Hensche’s tradition by teaching his theories in workshops. Unlike French Impressionists, American impressionism focused greater attention on the solidity of form. This was part of Hensche’s training; rather than drawing objects, then “coloring them in,” Przewodek learned to see the myriad subtleties of tones and values that create form.

Przewodek doesn’t quibble about her paintings being happy. She won’t even set up her easel unless there is something about the secne that grabs her heart and gnaws her aesthetic adoration of light on color. “If I don’t care, I don’t paint,” she says bluntly.

At the heart of Przewodek’s paintings is a transformative leaning. Each time she stops to paint a scene she approaches it without baggage, emulating an almost childlike vision. She relies on the sensitivity of her eye and the clarity of her memory to keep the scene alive as she intuitively reaches for opaque pigments that transform into translucent atmosphere when juxtaposed on canvas.

Przewodek has been the subject of several solo shows in various West Coast galleries, and her work has been featured in numerous group shows, including the Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational, the California Art Club’s Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition, and the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club’s Annual Exhibition. The artist founded the L’Atelier aux Couleurs, in Petaluma, and is a popular workshop instructor. For more information on Przewodek, visit her website.

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