Making Your Mark

If art mediums were personality types, watercolor would probably be the social butterfly because it works so well with many different mediums and styles. Stylish, but relatively low-maintenance, watercolors are versatile and beautiful enough to work on their own, but can also be layered with colored pencils, pastels, pen & ink, and so much more.

Works by Karlyn Holman.
Works by Karlyn Holman.

Karlyn Holman does a great job in exploring this versatility in the first two videos of her Making Your Mark series, now streaming at Part 1 shows three demonstrations: using water-soluble pens with watercolor to paint beautiful trees and rocks, using watercolor pencils with a stencil and sandpaper to add abstract shapes to a sunflower painting, and using mono printing techniques at home over watercolor-painted tissue paper.

Part 2 is a full, step-by-step demonstration of watercolor lilies, followed by an exercise on using negative painting techniques to build up layers of watercolor that creates wonderful depth in the background.

Each demonstration offers a plethora of exercises and lessons that make it not only simple to do these techniques, but fun as well.

Previews for Karlyn Holman's Making Your Mark, Part 1, and Part 2, are up at now, along with the full-length videos, materials, and more ideas and techniques for making your watercolors really stand out.


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