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When I was six years old, I won an art competition in my local newspaper. As my reward, my drawing appeared in the comics section, right near Hagar the Horrible and Beatle Bailey. I didn't receive any sort of monetary prize, but I didn't care. As far as I was concerned, I was a star, and well on my way to becoming a world-class artist. Things didn't work out the way I expected, and a successful art career continues to allude me to this day, but you have a chance to live my dream.

As part of our celebration of American Artist's 75th anniversary, we're holding an exhibition at the Salmagundi Club, in New York City, that will celebrates the magazine's past, present, and future. Both historical and contemporary works will be featured, with a group of America's most influential artists and educational leaders representing the core of the work displayed. And here's where you get your chance to be a star.

Drawing of Hagar the Horrible.
Drawing of Hagar the Horrible.

In conjunction with the exhibition, we're hosting our 75th Anniversary Competition. Along with a variety of prizes that will be awarded–including monetary prizes–25 or more of the works submitted will be chosen to be exhibited in the show.  That's right, your painting can hang alongside the work of such artists as David A. Leffel, Odd Nerdrum. Richard Schmid, Nelson Shanks, Mary Whyte, Jamie Wyeth, and many more.

In addition, the top winners from our annual Drawing and Watercolor competitions will earn a slot in the exhibition as well. And, while it's no funny pages, all finalists will be featured in a future issue of the respective magazines. Just a tad better than sharing space with Mary Worth, don't you think?

American Artist will also be running an additional competition that closes later in the year, and the prizes for that one are pretty phenomenal too, but more on that later!

For right now, really think about entering one of our art competitions, as it can give you the opportunity to live the dream that, well, I'm still dreaming about.


Brian Riley is the managing editor of American Artist.


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Brian Riley is the managing editor for the American Artist family of titles (American Artist, Watercolor, Drawing & Workshop) and has been part of the AA team since 2003. He first became interested in art as a child, specifically drawing, but drifted away from the visual arts as he grew older, gravitating towards writing while in college. His position at AA has offered him the opportunity to reinvigorate his early passion and continue his education.