Landscape Painting Techniques in Oil

Landscapes can seem like a complex subject to tackle, given that there are so many different variables to cover – how to paint trees, mountains and rocks, flowers and trees, skies, water, distance…it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin. But what may look complex can, in fact, be quite simple to paint and incredibly forgiving, once you’ve learned a few tricks.

That’s why Oil Painting Basics – Landscape Painting with Wilson Bickford is such a great video. You’ll get painting techniques that will enable you to paint a wide variety of elements in one composition, without making you want to pull your hair out.

Landscape painting by Wilson Bickford.
Landscape painting by Wilson Bickford.

Follow along, step by step, to create a rugged wilderness landscape painting using only four colors and white. Wilson's teaching style makes it easy to learn oil painting techniques for large shape applications or small details, blending, edge control, working with a variety of brushstrokes for smooth and rough textures, and using a palette knife for impasto effects. As you paint mist, clouds, trees, flowers, grasses, snow and rocky mountains, you'll learn tips for composition, how to mix colors, correct mistakes, and more, for a painting you can be proud to hang on your wall!

Preview Oil Painting Basics – Landscape Painting at to learn the oil painting tips you need to get started right away. Then, stream the full video, or purchase the download or DVD at North Light Shop.


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