Get Doodling in December!

As I was sitting in meeting earlier this week, I looked up from my paper to realize that almost everyone in our team had pen to paper. While some were writing notes, many of us were doodling, and contrary to old beliefs, that's a good thing, especially given that we're a team of creative people.

Tiffany Lovering's Tangle Love Workshop: Zen Doodle Basics
A doodle from Tiffany Lovering.

Recently, reports have shown that doodling can help increase your concentration, and certainly, everyone at the meeting was engaged, talking about the topics at hand.

Doodling isn't about boredom, it's the opposite — it's a process of creation that can inspire and open up new ways of thinking and viewing the world, giving your mind the freedom and avenues to open up to new thought processes.

With that in mind, who could resist?

With that in mind (pardon the pun), we're dedicating a full month to the art of zen doodling, with Doodle December, starting with the launch of Tiffany Lovering's Tangle Love Workshop: Zen Doodle Basics. Designed to help you begin your meditative doodling practice, and with fifteen different basic patterns, you can help yourself be more in the now, relax, and get in touch with your creative side, all while creating some truly beautiful art!

You can preview Zen Doodle Basics at and get the full-length video, access to the materials and reviews, and more, to start your own patterns.


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