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Sometimes as we sit in our studios or pore over nuances in our work, we get so close to it that we forget how powerful art can be. But when we sit back we realize that is one of the most intriguing characteristics of art–that it can spur change, shake people up, and affect us in lifelong ways.

Creative for a Cause is a contest sponsored by Fiverr and Ad Age that challenges entrants–that's you!–to design a compelling transit ad for the non-profit company Code/Interactive. The ad will mirror C/I's mission of helping at-risk inner city youth thrive in the tech industry.

The winner receives a grand prize of $1,000 and the winning poster–showcased on 300+ subway platforms throughout New York City–will be seen by millions of people, and raise awareness about C/I's mission to engage and support underserved youth. Second and third place winners will receive honorable mentions in the June 2015 issue of Advertising Age and a prominent display at the upcoming Internet Week plus passes to the event and after party.

Judges for the contest include civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, Van Jones, and representatives from Ad Age's Top 10 Agencies of 2014. The winning submissions will be unveiled in May 2015 with an Ad Age full-page feature on the winner, in time for the celebrated Cannes Creativity Festival, giving the winning artist international exposure.

C/I has been a leader in creating opportunities for underserved kids by educating them on computing, leadership, and the professionalism needed to succeed in today's economy. With Creative for a Cause, Fiverr aims to highlight C/I's powerful mission of fostering a more diverse workforce in the tech industry.

Creative for a Cause is accepting submissions now through April 17, 2015, and I encourage you to embrace the power of your art for a worthy cause. Good luck!



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One thought on “Get Creative for a Cause

  1. My comment is: now I’m awakening up because you raises up those who peer for art, I feel that I need to do something, looking for colors, paste, watercolors, crayons, etc.
    You are giving us value and if we have no idea of what art is then you daily gives us guide for that trail and animation for our spirit. It’s really the artist’s world.
    I know not many things about art but with you we will grow, I believe.
    Wonderful people.