Brighten Your Day with Landscape Painting In Watercolor

I love the first day of winter and the longest night of the year, which is at odds with how many people feel about the day. Maybe it's because, despite all the dark, there are lights everywhere — strung up around houses, decorating the city streets, candles burning in windows, and in menorahs…It's hard to hate the dark when it's filled with so much light and celebration, and every day after that will be light for just a little bit longer.

Vibrant sunset watercolor painting by Arnold Lowrey.
Vibrant sunset watercolor painting by Arnold Lowrey.

Our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are the opposite, of course. While we're having our shortest days, they're celebrating the longest, basking in warmth and a long, full day of sun.

Either way, it's a perfect time to enjoy learning how to paint two different forms of light in the landscape, and Arnold Lowrey offers two watercolor lessons in one in his video, Watercolor with Arnold Lowrey: Early Morning & Sunset. First, enjoy an early morning scene over Venice. Then, follow it up with a harbor sunset. In each video, the light is drastically different: the morning is filled with cool tones, portraying a stillness and anticipation as everything starts to just wake up. In the evening, the light has beautiful tones of orange, warming everything just before the darkness settles in.

Arnold demonstrates plenty of painting techniques for capturing the moody light of the landscapes with an ease that everyone can enjoy. And with both lessons only lasting a total of 40 minutes, it gives you plenty of time to get outside and enjoy your day, no matter how long it stays light.

Preview Watercolor with Arnold Lowrey: Early Morning & Sunset at for some great tips on how to paint reflections in water, and then grab the materials list, access the full video, reviews, and more.


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2 thoughts on “Brighten Your Day with Landscape Painting In Watercolor

  1. Hi
    I am new to water color painting, I cant draw, but do find it easy ish to paint landscapes. I been told I need to leard dephe on objects like Pyramids etc.
    And painting the sea or cloads seem tricky. Anyone got a tip or 2?