Amazing & Moving Portraits

Amazing, moving, realistic portrait drawings are no longer just for the advanced artist. Beginning artists, can get started drawing portraits now as Sarah Parks reveals her drawing secrets in her video tutorial.

She starts by giving you the secret key to great portraits, "Sharp observation skills; learning how to see like an artist." You'll gain these skills in no time at all with her review of basic guidelines that every face follows, and tips for how to keep those in proper proportion no matter what the head angle. Moving on to a study of the skull itself, you'll learn the anatomy and planes of the face that determine the way light and shadow play of the face and its features. And then how to draw the features themselves in detail. A final portrait demonstration puts all you've learned together, step by step, as you learn how to draw the light and shadow on a face, giving it form, dimension and realism.

You can take home Drawing Secrets Revealed: Portraits at Or stream this video at, today.


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