Technique: Christopher Hart: Frustrated Little-Leaguer

13 Mar 2007

0610hartdemo2_4_519x600_1Christopher Hart explains how he drew this gloomy ballplayer.


Step 1

Although the basic head shape is big and round, it still has angles. The cool look of the character depends on a well-crafted outline.
Step 2
A small, upturned nose is almost always used for young kids.

Step 3

Remember when drawing a hat or a cap that it doesn't sit on top of the head but sinks down, surrounding it. Notice how pointy the knees are. The character is half-cartoon, half-graphic design.

The Completed Sketch: Frustrated Little-Leaguer

by Christopher Hart, from Cartoon Cool: How to Draw New Retro-Style Cartoons (Watson-Guptill Publications, New York, New York).

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