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27 Jul 2009

Ever think of yourself as a RAP artist? No, not a hip-hop performer who talks in rhyming phrases to a pounding beat, but a reader of American Artist’s print magazines, e-newsletters, or website who is willing to advise the editors. The New York staff is setting up an invitation-only Reader Advisory Panel (RAP) group on our website where artists can comment on topics for upcoming articles, alternative cover choices, subjects of potential blogs, article layouts, and the text of feature stories we are considering. Your responses to short, simple questionnaires will help us develop content targeted to meet your needs as a practicing artist.

Want to see more articles on pastel, colored pencil, etching, sculpture, or acrylics? Wish we would publish more articles on portraiture, landscapes, still lifes, or abstractions? Think the feature articles are short on demonstrations, repetitive, or too long? Join the RAP group to tell us what we can do to better serve you. Click here to join!


Your Valuable Advice

The internet has become a valuable way for people to express their opinions and have a strong influence on legislation, political campaigns, reality show contests, product developments, and news reports. Answering questions in an online survey is one of the ways we can all earn discounts, enter contests, shape the daily news, and influence the development of new products and services.

American Artist is participating in a comprehensive study to find out how you currently use artists' paints and surfaces and what products you might want to try or have changed to better suit your needs. What do you like best about acrylic paints? What would you change about oil colors? Do you use watercolors because they are portable or because they are water-soluble?  Those are the types of easy questions you will be asked to respond to if you participate in the survey.

I recently completed the survey and really liked having the chance to speak directly to companies that make products I use for drawing and painting. I encourage you to click on the link below and take a few minutes to offer your opinions.

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on 27 Jul 2009 6:32 AM

Sounds like a great idea. I tried the link above and got the store.

Maybe a forum on arts education projects (K-12) involving your readers  could be added? Would that help to bring artists into schools?  

Brian Riley wrote
on 27 Jul 2009 12:34 PM


Thanks for the heads-up RE: the problem with the link. It should be fixed now.

on 28 Jul 2009 12:33 PM

I'm in!  I love to comment on anything about the application of art materials, how a painting is created, art styles, choices, etc...  I am full of ideas.  I just finished the materials survey, it was fun!  Thanks for coming up with this panel, I am looking forward to being a participant.

rolando2 wrote
on 28 Jul 2009 12:35 PM

A todos nos gusta la enseñanza didáctica. Un paso a paso de cómo hacer algo bien. Ejem.: ¿Qué tratamiento debo dar al papel antes de pintar?, o, ¿Cómo enmarco mis dibujos o pinturas?, o, ver videos de técnicas y mamualidades

Hopie wrote
on 29 Jul 2009 5:17 AM

I just finished the art materials survey.  Unfortunately, it is sponsored by Jerry's Artarama.  I ordered $494 worth of on-sale canvases from them about 2 years ago, requesting that my order be sent by mail (and calculating - from my experience with Daniel Smith) that all would fit into one large box.  I requested surface mail delivery, and they indicated that my order was being shipped by mail.  It came by UPS, which meant going through a broker.  This meant that each of the 4 packages they ssent had about $73 brokerage fee, amounting to $232.00 brokerage fees for $94.00 of canvases - and there it NO duty, no need for a broker, when shipping arts supplies IF they are sent by mail, only a $5 Customs Inspection fee.

It is not possible to contact Jerry's Artaram directly, only to leave a message and they don't call back (or not to Canada).  Since my neighbour also had a similar disaster with them - except that hers was supposed to go to aUS address - I am sure the problem lies with Jerry's, not with UPS.  I am still out my $94, since I did order from them, and they, indeed, fill my order, even if they didn't ship it as they said they would.  So I am not inclined to ever buy from them again.;

Hopie wrote
on 29 Jul 2009 5:19 AM

I'll bet my previous email won't be seen by eyes other than the first reader and I'll continue to be out of my $94.  (Yes, I also wrote Jerry's by registered mail  They have mhy  money, they have no need to respond, as I can so easily be ignored.  No one knows anything about this is no one responds.  Rather Kafka-esque)