Workshop, Summer 2010

10 Keys To Making Accurate Judgments; Use Measurements & Simple Shapes for Better Portraits; Learn Variations of Impressionist Painting; 4 Stages Of Successful Plein Air Paintings


On the Cover:
Camie Davis (below) teaching at the Grand
Central Academy of Art, in New York City.

Photo by Nathan Kraxberger

Cedric Egeli: Knowing How to Learn


Workshops as Shared Learning Experiences
by M. Stephen Doherty
A number of valuable and lasting benefits can accrue when artists work alongside one another and engage in a free exchange of information, motivation, and inspiration. Even if the artists barely know one another, they are likely to share a feeling of camaraderie. That kind of a palpable energy was present when 10 professional artists gathered in New Jersey at the invitation of Workshop and Forbes, Inc.

Joseph Paquet: 10 Keys to Effectively Judging the Important Relationships in Painting
by M. Stephen Doherty
This Minnesota plein air painter helps students grasp the most important concepts about oil painting and shows them how to apply these concepts successfully. 

Variations on Impressionist Painting
by M. Stephen Doherty
Students and faculty members at the Bridgeview School of Fine Art, in Queens, New York, recently spent eight days painting the same model to demonstrate a range of approaches to oil painting based on Impressionism.

Aaron Westerberg: Creating a Monochromatic Figure Study
Matthew Marchant
In a recent California workshop, Aaron Westerberg showed students how to apply their drawing skills to creating oil paintings by developing a monochromatic grisaille using one warm and one cool red and handling a brush as if it were a drawing tool.

Camie Davis: Portrait Painting Based on Measurement and the Perception of Shapes
by M. Stephen Doherty
During eight four-hour sessions of drawing and painting models who held the same pose, students in Camie Davis’ classes learned to express themselves using carefully planned procedures.

Cedric Egeli: Knowing How to Learn
by M. Stephen Doherty
In two recent workshops, this distinguished artist emphasized that developing the ability to actively listen, observe, study, and practice the fundamental aspects of painting is important to making progress as an artist.

Brian Stewart: 4 Stages of Successful Plein Air Paintings
by M. Stephen Doherty
During a recent workshop in Barbados, Brian Stewart explained how to achieve greater success with outdoor paintings by following a progression from a “dress-rehearsal” study to a finished work of art.

Alexey Steele: Pursuing Passion and a Personal Vision
by Michael Zakian
Alexey Steele is not the type of teacher who imposes strict guidelines or rules on his students. Rather, he offers an encouraging educational environment for artists to discover their own personal vision while he demonstrates his own passionate pursuit of the great artistic and cultural ideals of the past.

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