Enter Utrecht’s 60th Anniversary Art Competition Juried by American Artist

14 Apr 2009

Click here to enter the contest

Utrecht Art Supplies is celebrating its 60th Anniversary by hosting an Art Competition, which will be juried by American Artist.  Over $12,000 in total prizes will be awarded, including a $3,000 cash award to the Grand Prize winner. Twenty- four total finalists will be chosen, with 12 receiving merit certificates and 12 receiving Utrecht ArtSmart™ Cards with values up to $1,200.

Works of art created in the categories of oil, watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media will be accepted. Entries will be judged on quality, creativity, and originality by American Artist editors, Utrecht’s artist-in-residence, and professional artists from the New York City area. Deadline for entry is September 1, and winners will be announced October 1.

For more information, or to enter the contest and upload your image, visit www.utrechtart.com/contest.

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on 15 Apr 2009 11:32 PM

Very exciting. I look forward to entering this competition!


on 16 Apr 2009 6:57 PM

This sounds like a great competition.  Does anyone know where to find the guidelines for file uploads, file size, etc.?  Thanks, Barney

Brian Riley wrote
on 17 Apr 2009 6:25 AM

Hi Barney

Good question. I don't yet have an answer, but I've posed it to the people running the contest and hopefully they'll have an answer for all of us quickly.

Brian Riley wrote
on 17 Apr 2009 7:38 AM

I've just be told the maximum file size is 4MB. There's going to be an update to the registration page, but I thought I'd jump ahead and post the information here.

Hope this helps.

on 26 Aug 2009 10:53 AM

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