The Painting Center Hosts Two Watercolor Exhibitions

26 May 2007

0705pc3_600x550 The Painting Center, in New York City, recently played host to two watercolor exhibitions.

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The above paintings were all presented during the "Fluid Fields" exhibition.

The Painting Center, in New York City, recently hosted "Fluid Fields," featuring 30 contemporary artists working in watercolor. Highlighting the varied and experimental qualities of the medium, the exhibition included aluminum trays painted with watercolor by Ray Kass and plein air landscapes by Bernard Chaet, as well as Donald Holden's and Jacqueline Gourevitch's delicate night scenes. The show was curated by Susan Shatter, the president of the National Academy of Design, and featured work by Janet Fish, Harriet Shorr, and David Dewey. For more information, visit or


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Madison Square Park No. 175
2002, watercolor, 11 x 15.
Madison Square Park No. 171
2006, watercolor, 10 x 14.

Also at The Painting Center through March 24 was "Phyllis Floyd: Recent Watercolors," featuring on-site watercolors of people in Madison Square Park and other Manhattan locations. Floyd started these works by settling into a shady spot where she could observe the scene and the people who gathered at the park. She would then try to capture the moment within the shifting positions and gestures of the figures as well as the changing light and shadows. See some examples of these spontaneous paintings at

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Don wrote
on 18 Nov 2007 12:38 PM
Hello! I have a painting with a signature from C. Dewey '83 Have you heard of this person, and are you related to this person,David Dewey? Please contact me via my e-mail address. Thank you!