Plein Air Painting Techniques: How to Paint Clouds

17 Mar 2014

Plein air painting by Jonathan Owens: Cloud Break
Cloud Break by Jonathan Owens, pastel, 17 x 22.
Clouds are not all created equal, just like not every sunset or skyscape is the same. They all have their own unique look and feel, even though we can see them all the time. And it is the plein air artist's goal, passion, purpose to eek out that unique something in every scene they decide to paint.

That’s why I wanted to draw attention to a great blog my fellow editor Allison Malafronte wrote on an essential plein air painting technique: how to paint clouds. It is a great resource for any artist, but plein air painters especially, because clouds are an intriguing compositional device in most landscape paintings, but can often be difficult to visually describe. The blog post gives a great overview of cloud structure and formation, and the outdoor painting conditions that will often create the clouds you'll see in the sky. Check it out here!

And mostly, I love the pictures of the clouds—looking at them is like flying! Enjoy!

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