En Plein Air: On Location in Malibu

Big View of Malibu
by Jeffrey Yeomans, 2009,
oil, 48 x 72.

The Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art at Pepperdine University is once again hosting this triennial exhibition of California Art Club members’ interpretations of the idyllic region of Malibu, California. “On Location in Malibu 2009: Paintings by the California Art Club” will be on view through August 9 and will showcase the artwork of 60 artist members of the club who were selected to participate in this special series, now in its fourth year of installation.

Anytime California Art Club members exhibit their work together it’s unfailingly a not-to-be-missed opportunity for artists and collectors alike (think of the Gold Medal show, one of the finest displays of quality fine art and sculpture in the country), and “On Location in Malibu” is no exception. Michael Zakian, the director of the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art and the curator of this exhibition since its inception in 1999, does an excellent job of organizing this show and creating fresh themes that allow Californian artists to consider this widely recognized coastal landscape in a new light. What’s especially exciting for viewers is that they not only get a chance to see the work of some of the top plein air painters of California but they also get to see a few prominent figure painters from the clubsome of whom do not regularly market their landscape artflaunt their plein air skills.

Malibu Lagoon
by Frank Serrano, 2009,
oil, 18 x 24.

This year’s theme centers on continuity and change, and each artist was tasked to find areas of Malibu that are timeless and enduring or are in the midst of evolution and advancement. Painters from all over the Golden State brought their own unique styles to the project to convey these messages, some using the traditional California Impressionist approach upon which the California Art Club was founded 100 years ago and some bringing contemporary techniques to the canvas to explore more modern concepts. “Many of the works are in the club’s founders’ style, known as California Impressionism or plein air ('open air') painting,” says Zakian. “Although this style is a century old, these painters continue to create fresh, new images and compositions. Other artists chose to push the boundaries of realism, producing novel images that show the realist tradition is able to keep pace with the times.”

Winter Moonlight
by Stephen Mirich, 2009,
oil, 24 x 30.

The 60 artists participating in this year’s “On Location in Malibu”  are: Peter Adams, Lisa Bloomingdale Bell, Gerald Brommer, John Brunnick, John Budicin, Marcia Burtt, Cathey Cadieux, Larry Cannon, Ron Chesley, David Damm, Karl Dempwolf, Don Durborow, Esther Engelman, David Gallup, Timothy Geisen, Lynn Gertenbach, Daniel Goozeé, *** Heimbold, Carolyn Hesse-Low, Wendy Hultquist, Ignat Ignatov, Virginia Johnstone, Sharon Burkett Kaiser, Glen Knowles, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Frank Lennartz, Margot Lennartz, Calvin Liang, Jeremy Lipking, Joseph Mendez, Eric Merrell, Stephen Mirich, Bobbie Moline-Kramer, Michael Obermeyer, Paul Panossian, Scott Prior, Julio Pro, Tony Pro, Robin Purcell, Gerald Rahm, Jeff Richards, Vic Riesau, Rodolfo Rivademar, Ray Roberts, Junn Roca, Gayle Garner Roski, Sergio Sanchez, Frank Serrano, Herb Seymour, Liliana Simanton, Michael Situ, Roxanne Skene, Alexey Steele, William Stout, Isabel Wadsworth, Yisun Wei, Jeff Yeomans, Joan Horsfall Young, Joseph Yuhasz, and Charles Zlatkoff.

For more information on this exhibition and the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art, visit http://arts.pepperdine.edu. For more information on the California Art Club, visit www.californiaartclub.org.




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