Pastel: GALLERY: More Pastels From Sharon Will

In our September 2006 issue, we explored how Sharon Will gets a handle on color. In this Online Exclusive gallery, we present more of her pastel pieces ( a couple of oils) illustrating her mastery of hue.

0609willoe2_600x480 0609willoe3_660x450 0609willoe4_600x540
Wild Daisies, pastel,
  11 x 8 3/4.
Cosmos in Bloom, pastel,
  16 1/2 x 12.
Weathered Shed, pastel,
  8 x 9.
0609willoe5_420x600 0609willoe6_600x450 0609willoe7_600x330
Wintering Oak Tree, pastel,
  12 x 17.
Colorado Pastures, pastel,
  16 x 12.
Traverse Wetlands, pastel,
  12 x 25.
0609willoe8_630x480 0609willoe9_630x480 0609willoe10_660x450
Sunlit Apples, oil,
  11 x 14.
Mums on a Bench, pastel,
  11 x 15.
Spring Farm, pastel,
  12 x 18.
0609willoe14_600x420 0609willoe13_630x480 0609willoe12_600x420
Bowerman's Produce, pastel,
  14 1/4 x 10 1/4.
Marigolds, pastel,
  13 x 10.
Southwest Valley, oil,
  8 x 10.

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2 thoughts on “Pastel: GALLERY: More Pastels From Sharon Will

  1. Marigolds, pastel, by Sharon Will has to be one of the most pleasing renditions of a subject I’ve ever seen. The contrast of hot and cool colors, the composition, the close-up view all combine to show Will’s mastery of skills and tools to create an exquisite piece of art! I love it!