Step by Step: Brenda Turner's "Street Scene in Buena Vista, Colorado"

13 Dec 2007


In our Techniques to Try section, we examine how Brenda Turner's passion for painting gouache on Arches black cover stock opens up a wide array of creative possibilities. Here, we show a step-by-step demonstration of her technique.




Step 1
Turner first took photographs of a street scene in Buena Vista, Colorado, and groups of people attending a parade downtown.
Step 2
After making individual drawings of the figures in her photographs, the artist redrew them with a white Prismacolor pencil on a sheet of Arches black cover stock.
Step 3
The artist restated the lines of her drawing by painting them with white gouache using a round sable brush, and then she applied layers of colored gouache with flat, synthetic-hair brushes.

Street Scene in Buena Vista, Colorado
2006, gouache, 22 x 30. Collection Community Banks of Colorado, Denver, Colorado.

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jim wrote
on 9 Apr 2007 10:30 AM
love the painting.are the two figures on the right too close to one another
alan seeling wrote
on 15 May 2007 5:52 PM
My town. You have the Fourth of July Feeling just right! Winter gone, spring and summer here, along with the happy, colorful tourists. Good job