GALLERY: Immi Storrs' Sculptures


In the November 2006 issue of American Artist, sculptor Immi Storrs established the basic anatomy of her animal subjects before allowing her imagination to take over.  We present more of her bronze sculptures in this online exclusive gallery.




Six Bull Skulls
1991, bonded bronze, A/P,
22 x 20 x 66. All artwork this gallery courtesy Spanierman Gallery, New York, New York.
Bull Box, No. 2
1999, bonded bronze and wood, A/P, 9 x 11½ x 19.
Goat Fence Post
2000, bronze, edition 2 of 5,
65 x 12½ x 9.


Draft Horse
1999, bronze, edition 3 of 8,
11 x 6½ x 13.
Four Horses-Column
1988, bonded bronze, A/P,
17½ x 9 x 34.

Large Goat with Wooden Legs

2002, bronze and wood,
edition 1 of 7, 33 x 18 x 31.
0611storoe7_576x864 0611storoe8_864x576 0611storoe9_576x864
1998, bronze and granite,
edition 1 of 5, 38 x 13 x 11.
Leaning Sheep
1992, bonded bronze,
A/P, 14 x 9 x 24.
Old Bird No. 1
2005, bronze, edition 1 of 8,
13½ x 7 x 3½.
0611storoe10_576x864 0611storoe11_509x864 0611storoe12_422x864

Small Horse with Two Wooden Legs

1999, bronze and wood,
edition 5 of 8, 11 x 3½ x 6¼.
Bird Fence Post
2005, bronze, edition 2 of 5,
55 x 24 x 4.
Bull Skull with Ribs
1992, bronze with steel pipe, edition 1 of 8, 73 x 20 x 16.

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