GALLERY: Benjamin Shamback's Still Lifes and Charcoal Drawings


In the November 2006 issue of American Artist, still-life artist Benjamin Shamback explained how an energetic underpainting gave life to his carefully refined oil works on metallic surfaces. In this online exclusive gallery, we offer more still-life images as well as three charcoal drawings.

0611shamoe1_600x960 0611shamoe2_900x685 0611shamoe3_461x600
2006, oil on aluminum,
13 x 7. All artwork this gallery collection the artist unless otherwise indicated.
Glasses on Red 3
2006, oil on aluminum, 18 x 24.
20005, oil on copper, 13 x 10.
0611shamoe4_600x473 0611shamoe5_600x557 0611shamoe6_600x450
Paper and Seashell
2005, charcoal on mylar, 18 x 24.
Paper and Seashell
2005, oil on copper, 12 x 12¾.
Blue Pitcher
2005, oil on copper, 18 x 24. Courtesy Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina.
0611shamoe7_600x454 0611shamoe8_600x439 0611shamoe9_470x600
Wine Bottles on Red
2006, oil on copper, 18 x 24.
Bowl on Green 5
2006, oil on copper, 18 x 24.
Pitcher with Red Block
2006, oil on aluminum, 14 x 11.
0611shamoe10_438x600 0611shamoe11_461x600


Female Posterior
2005, charcoal, 30 x 20.
Paper and Tool
2005, charcoal on mylar, 14 x 11.
Yellow Plate
2005, oil on aluminum, 10 x 8.

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8 thoughts on “GALLERY: Benjamin Shamback's Still Lifes and Charcoal Drawings

  1. In response to LMTaylor, I question your use of the word plain. If you’re implying that the composition is plain, you would be correct, the compositions are balanced, a lot of time centered. But when you don’t have to worry about composition you can take more time to worry about color relationships, and the shape of negative space that shapes your objects. Not to mention shadows which achieve depth in an otherwise shallow space.

  2. These are some of my favorite paintings that I have seen in a long time. Its hard to use color in such a sensual manner without being brash and vulgar. very inspiring

  3. Benjamin –

    I came across this website while looking up information on Chris Bradley, which brought me to your WA graduation class website.

    Good Luck with your art – looks GREAT!

    Take Care ~

    Frank May (music @ WA 1989-present)