Varnish, Varnish Everywhere

26 Nov 2014

I interviewed Sadie Valeri on her unusual wax paper paintings months and months ago, but since then I've been keeping an eye on her. She's got great spirit, enviable talent, and she's just super nice! Little did I know that her sweet exterior hid a penchant for one of the oil painting techniques that I fear most: varnish! It is such a painstaking process that is all too easy to bungle.

On her website, Sadie explains varnish from top to bottom. She gives a great breakdown of what varnish is, the kinds of varnish out there, how to prep your painting, and troubleshooting tips for the process. I won't say that I can't wait until the next time I can varnish, but I will say that I feel less trepidatious about it now. Thanks Sadie!

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