Oil Painting: Mary Anna Goetz's Colorful Landscapes

11 Sep 2008

In the summer 2008 issue of Workshop magazine, we discussed how Mary Anna Goetz's workshops address the tendencies students have to lose sight of the center of interest and to mix colors that are garishly overstated or inaccurate value assessments. In this online exclusive gallery, we present more of Goetz's work.

Goetz Mothers War Memorial oil

Goetz Early May oil

Goetz Late July oil

Mothers War Memorial,
Cadman Plaza

ca. 1989, oil, 30 x 24.
Private collection.
Early May
ca. 2004, oil, 16 x 20.
Private collection.
Late July
ca. 2003, oil, 15 x 15. All artwork this gallery courtesy James Cox Gallery, Willow, New York, unless otherwise indicated.

Goetz Forget-Me-Not Garden oil

Goetz Wellfleet Harbor oil

Goetz Boathouse in Central Park oil

Forget-Me-Not Garden,
Ideal Park

2001, oil, 20 x 36.
Wellfleet Harbor
2004, oil, 12 x 24.
Boathouse in Central Park
2005, oil, 18 x 18.

Goetz Central Park in Spring oil

Goetz Williamsburg Bridge oil

Goetz Rainy Day on Fifth Avenue oil

Central Park in Spring
2005, oil, 15 x 15.
Private collection.
Williamsburg Bridge
2005, oil, 9 x 12.
Private collection.
Rainy Day on Fifth Avenue
ca. 2004, oil, 20 x 20.
Private collection.

Goetz Bethesda Fountain oil

Goetz The Flatiron Building in Winter oil

Goetz Brunch oil

Bethesda Fountain
ca. 1989, oil, 20 x 16.
The Flatiron Building in

2005, oil, 30 x 24.
Private collection.
2000, oil, 32 x 28.

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